. g . r . e . g . . s . h . a . p . t . e . r .

The Domus Wall

My Name is Greg Shapter. I am an artist living in London, UK. Recently I was asked by Domus Tiles to build a piece to fill the derelict wall behind their car park. I came up with the idea of an image split into multiple parts and set on different planes so that the image could only be viewed as a whole from one point. Domus selected Peter Murray, a local architect and journalist, to be the subject. Peter was a great success and was subsequently moved to a more prominent position on Clerkenwell Road. In his place I made another similar sculpture. This time Zaha Hadid was chosen, another architect of international renown. I hope you like them.

(Note: The little figurines in the Zaha pictures are someone else' art. They have been placed all around Clerkenwell as part of an advertising campaign to increase awareness about the Domus shop.)

Peter Murray

Zaha Hadid